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Intervention & Family Violence Orders

If you have been served with an Intervention Order Application (IVO) or Interim Order, it is important that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible. If you have been served with an IVO, it can be difficult to know where you stand and what your rights are.

The conditions of IVOs often limit your rights and can prevent you from attending your home, calling your children, or even text messaging your ex-spouse about your children. It is important that you understand what you can and cannot do. A breach of any condition may result in you being charged by the police. Our IVO team will give you expert advice on your options, explain clearly what you can and cannot do and will fight to restore your rights.

Our leagal team are experts in dealing with all areas of Intervention Orders including:

  • Appearing at court for you;
  • Contesting the Intervention Order
  • Contesting the Family Violence Order
  • Negotiating with the Police;
  • Varying the Conditions of Intervention Order